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Jason Munday

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Many people have asked me the question, “What spy gadgets do you have being a private investigator?” Well the answer is simple: A lot. Many people automatically assume that these “spy gadgets” are the bread and butter of our investigations. I will not go into detail about these “gadgets” for obvious reasons but I can assure we have them and we know how to use them. These “gadgets” are important and we do use them but they are not the most important tools that we use in investigations.

People are surprised to hear what I just said – but it is true.

The most important tools we use in our investigations are the following:

Good old fashioned detective work. This means getting out and investigating the situation or the case or the problem. It involves meeting and talking to people. Asking people questions. Making observations. Listening. Seeing. Watching.

A dependable motor vehicle. At S3 we have access to many diverse motor vehicles. Unfortunately, we do not have access to the red Ferrari 308 GTB driven by Thomas Magnum or the gold Pontiac Firebird driven by Jim Rockford. Those sure would be fun to drive but they do stick out and draw a lot of attention. Instead, we drive and utilize cars, trucks, SUVs, and vans that are discreet and fit in many diverse situations.

Ways to document information. These tools are very important. They could include pen, paper, audio recorders, video recorders, cameras and clerical tools. If we cannot document it then it did not happen.

Cell phone. Cell phones or smart phones are invaluable to our work. We need them to get in touch with clients and witnesses, other investigators and other important people in our cases. Additionally, smart phones allow us to have access to dozens of investigative apps that assist us daily – most importantly GPS systems to give us directions to important locations and addresses.

Computer / laptop. A computer or laptop is essential for pulling all of our information in cases together into a single report or case file.

Well there it is – the tools of our trade. Really exciting stuff isn’t it. Our job requires that we depend on these tools and most people are surprised to find that they use these same tools at their jobs as well.

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