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Our Services

servicesSpartan Secure Solutions offers the following services:

Criminal Defense Investigations - S3 works with many attorneys and firms in the area in the defense of criminal defendants. This service can include trial preparation, witness locates, subpoena service, background investigations, crime scene documentation, witness interviews, and area canvasses.

Civil Investigations - S3 again also works with many attorneys, firms, insurance companies, and other agencies in civil investigations that include divorce, child custody, and fraud.

Process Service - S3 serves various types of processes for may attorneys, firms, and agencies. We pride ourselves in locating subjects in a professional and timely manner.

Background Investigations - S3 does background investigations for many different cases to include:

  • Court cases
  • Job applications
  • Rental applications
    Possible suitors

Our background investigations include criminal history, address history, phone number history, email address history, any history of foreclosure, bankruptcies, liens, judgements, vehicle ownership, property ownership, IP address history, known relatives, known associates, and social media links.

Infidelity / Domestic Case Investigations - S3 has worked for several clients involving infidelity or adultery of spouses or significant others. We prepare professional reports documenting any evidence of such actions.

Child Custody Investigations - S3 has worked in handling child custody issues and investigations for clients who are working to obtain custody or keep custody of children.

Runaway / Missing Person Investigations - S3 can work with local and state law enforcement in assisting cases involving runaway juveniles or missing persons.

Cold Case Investigations - S3 can put in the time and effort in cold case investigations that many law enforcement agencies are unable to do.

Electronic Countermeasures or Debugging - S3 has access to the tools and equipment to check your residence or business for potential electronic surveillance devices.

GPS Satellite Tracking Systems - S3 has access to the tools and equipment and software to GPS track certain subjects.

Skip Tracing - S3 has access to many resources that allow us to locate subjects who have disappeared or evading detection.

Executive / Dignitary Protection - S3 provides executive and dignitary protection for high profile clients for special events.

Residential Security - S3 provides security for residential locations when clients feel that their residence has become a target or a potential target. These situations can occur following a separation or divorce among other times.

Business Security - S3 provides security for business locations when clients feel that their business has become a target or a potential target. These situations can occur following the termination of a former employee among other times.

Crime Prevention - S3 offers crime prevention checks of both businesses and residences offer suggestions on how to make them a “harder” target for violent, property, or fraud crimes.

Active Shooter Training - S3 offers citizen active shooter training for businesses, churches, schools, daycares, or many other locations.

Event Security - S3 provides security for private events such as parties, weddings, dinners, conferences, etc.

Concealed Carry Handgun Certification Training - S3 offers concealed carry handgun
training for the state of North Carolina.

If you have a need that does not fit in the above services, please still contact us to see if we can assist you with your need.

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